Creating a culture of high performance and accountability for hospitality groups across Australia


Increase the productivity of your workers, venues and departments.


Ensure your venues deliver a consistent quality of service.


Your business will be rewarded by your employees' performance.

Are you sick of the same mistakes being repeated over and over in your business?

  • Service and product inconsistency

  • Upselling opportunities missed

  • Labour and product wastage

  • Customer complaints

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LearnHospo™ helps venues operate better

Our proprietary platform helps to identify operational challenges and bottlenecks in the ways that venues operate. Our system enables an increase in sales and business growth by focussing on the assets that count the most, your employees.

  • Create and enforce minimum standards

  • Implement a culture of training and accountability

  • Motivate staff to continually improve

  • Reward and acknowledge the highest performers

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LearnHospo(TM) comes preloaded with over 200 high-quality training videos, all presented by industry experts at the top of their craft.

LearnHospo™ is specifically designed for growing Australian hospitality groups

Built by the industry for the industry. The LearnHospo Training System ™ has been proven to drive and sustain higher performance across busy hospitality operations.

By providing a clear set of minimum performance standards for floor staff, bartenders, baristas, bistro hosts, gaming staff and more.
By combining eLearning courses with observational skills checklists to ensure competence
By creating a cross-training and skills development pathway for all new and existing staff.
By giving venue managers and HR control and visibility over individual staff performance.

SkillsStrong™ Certification System

Online learning alone is not enough. LearnHospo employs the SkillsStrong™ Certification System, with an in-built feature allowing for on-the-job skills training and certification. This means that your team can evidence the skills they have learned before getting rostered into a department.


Assign Courses

Learners have unlimited access to the full range of relevant courses that you assign to them.

Observational Skills Checklists

Once courses are completed, managers are assigned a skills checklists to ensure that learners have retained the learnings from each course.

Department certified

Once approved, the learner has now been certified and can begin using their new skills in the work environment.

LearnHospo™ has purpose-built a range of features to suit venues in all segments of the hospitality industry

Custom Branded Portal

Designed to represent the branding from your OWN group or venue training website.

Venue Specific Content

Professional content tailored to suit the specific needs of YOUR business.

Mobile Responsive Site

Stylish and sexy user interface that works seamlessly on ANY device.

At a Glance Reporting

Topline performance and completion metrics give you CONTROL over training progress.

Create You Own Courses

Easily add your OWN content, media and quizzes to reflect how your venue or group operates.

Automated Notifications

Automatically triggered notifications keep your team moving though the courses to SAVE YOU TIME.

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Need custom content?

LearnHospo ™ will work with you to develop high quality, bespoke training courses that will fit your business like a glove.

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Bespoke course development

Course Tailoring

By using our course review software, you can suggest any changes you want made to the pre-set courses and we will adjust and load them for you.

Course Creation

We will work with your team to develop champagne course content that speak directly to your team and create consistency across your business.

Video Production

We will work with you to plan and produce professional-quality training videos complete with all the post-production effects.

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